The Names of the Days

My new novel of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, The Names of the Days, has just been published! It’s a real milestone for me, and I expect it to reach out to lots of new readers and friends.

The title refers to specific days during the eighteen days of the 2011 uprising that resulted in Mubarak’s resignation. It describes the scenes in Tahrir Square, Cairo, as tumultuous, but not as violent as many revolutions.  The purpose of the revolutionaries was clear; they wanted peaceful, orderly demonstrations, and hoped that the police and the military would grant them that.  It didn’t always… Continue reading

Starfire Mystery Series

There are three Starfire books in the series right now, and I will be completing a fourth soon. The first title, The Eggstone Murders, is available on Amazon, and the second, Liquor Is Quicker, will be published in October 2013. I’m not sure yet when the third will be out, but it will be in a few months. It’s title is Hurricane Kingdom.
Thanks to all the bloggers who are hosting my new book on this new tour! I will be stopping by to visit at times, and hope to find questions and comments!

Starfire Mysteries

My latest book: The Eggstone Murders, is first in a series of mysteries called the Starfire  Mystery Series.
It’s been a fun adventure to write, and I’ve had lots of great feedback from readers! It will be published soon; in May or early June, 2013. (Create Space) Herbert L Smith, publisher.
The series is set in SW Iowa – near the town where I was born a long time ago – and is still impressed upon my mind. It’s what some people call a ‘cozy’ mystery, but I prefer to call it a ‘humorous’ mystery. It’s filled with the language… Continue reading

Cairo: The Mother Of The World

My new Blog Tour starts today!  I’ve decided to take Cairo: The Mother Of The World on tour because of the constant news from Egypt.  The book isn’t about politics, but is a kind of love-poem to the great city.  Cairo is, above all, a mix of everything old, new, mundane, spectacular, serious, funny, tragic and joyful.  Almost everything the whole world knows is there, as well as some things that are unique to such a place.  It is the most fascinating of cities,  kind or cruel at times, but always bursting with timeless energy.  It is life, all of… Continue reading

Why write?

I started writing about twelve years ago.  At first I did plays and musicals – fun, but not very good or fulfilling.  I started when a crisis hit and stayed with it for a few years, but gradually let it go until  the next difficulty came along.  Then switched to Egypt as a theme – and a couple of memoirs were the first pieces I produced.  Cairo: The Mother Of The World was written during a time of stress while I waited for my body to repair itself after an accident.  My left arm was broken – the humerus, up… Continue reading

I am expecting to start a blog tour for my new book, “The Great Sphinx Of Amun-Ra” soon. It should be early June, if all goes as planned, and I will be touring on several blogs for most of the month. I’ll post a schedule of the tour here as soon as I have the complete info about it. It would be great to have a lot of people getting together to talk about the book!
I’ve had a lot of readers – people who read the chapters as I write them – and they are all enthusiastic about the… Continue reading

The Great Sphinx Of Amun-Ra

The Great Sphinx Of Amun-Ra is my newest title; a novel based on the history of ancient Kmet – now known as Egypt – with the addition of the person and power of the great god,  Amun-Ra, and the staff that he gave to select people for the purpose of carrying out his plans in the ancient world.

The novel is classified as ‘historical fantasty’ but has none (or very little) of the shocking or spooky elements of that genre as it is known in the world of fantasy and sci-fi.  The classification was the only one that satisfied requirements… Continue reading


May15, 2012
Digital books – the energetic wave of the future (as well as the present) – are a new phenomenon for me. I have never been in the forefront of technology, and am struggling to stay even mid-pack as I work my way through the morass of the cyber world. It seems a morass to me, if not to lots of others. Being a ‘certain age’ – soon to achieve 74 years – I am rather late at getting started in the eworld. But there is no excuse, I keep repeating that mantra, for not jumping in and learning… Continue reading

We can all learn from the Egyptians

I thoroughly enjoy writing, much of which is done in the late, late hours of the night and very early morning.  It’s my best time to work.  Something about the quiet of the night helps me concentrate, and there are never phone calls or other things I need to do that interfere with the processes and thoughts as they form on a page.  Some people like very early morning for the same reasons, but I find it difficult to get up and go at it then.  The darkest hours work best for me.

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